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People define the essence of our know-how


He began his career among oscilloscopes, software and testing. After achieving a technological university degree and attending a school of management, Pragash became a procurement manager in a department of a large aeronautics company. But he felt drawn to the world of fashion, and so when an opportunity to join Desrues arose, he seized it. “The industry might be different, but there are a number of similarities in technical terms. Savoir-faire, 3D plans, machine settings, 5-axis machining… These are subjects with which I have been confronted in other sectors. At the Ready-to-Wear Business Unit where I work, we focus on the beginning of the collection: we launch consultations with our suppliers, we consider co-conceptions with various sub-contractors, we secure our processes, and we examine ways to optimize our costs. We determine the materials, components, services and savoir-faire to procure in order to continue improving the quality, creativity and innovation of our collections. Bringing nuances to the opacity of a material, reproducing the shine of metal in resin, investigating how to introduce hot-stamping into our processes or what type of machining to select… Desrues offers a great deal of projects and the opportunity to emulate experienced craftsmen and very quickly develop one’s skills… For all those seeking to rise to a challenge, it is an excellent playing field.”