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People define the essence of our know-how


He learned to craft jewelry from an early age at the workshop of his parents who were jewelers in Vietnam. He remembers often sitting in front of the workbenches and watching the pieces take shape before his eyes. When he came to France, he happened upon an encounter that led him to this line of work. “I started working on metal series, and then moved on to rhinestone gluing before becoming foundry manager. Today, my work at Desrues consists of creating ranges and models from A to Z. Deciding what techniques to use, what savoir-faire to call upon, what purchases will be required, what amount of time will be spent crafting each piece, what surface treatment to apply, what packaging… That collection plan is then submitted to our clients for approval. After that, the collection will be adapted to the production line. I provide my knowledge of savoir-faire and jewelry on a daily basis: how to craft it quickly, at the best price, and to a level of unrivaled quality. At a glance, I have to consider which workshops will need to get involved and which types of the House savoir-faire will be applied. And we are spoiled for choice! That’s what is so wonderful: we have so many resources at our fingertips, along with a true sense of continual innovation and research, to keep improving on our quality.”