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Complex assembly

Pigtails assembly of an earing
Gluing process by hand
Resin- Enameling process on a cuff
chain braiding technique on a necklace
Hand made crochet for jewel
Resin- Enameling process on a brooch
braided leather, chain and pearls
Sample : Glasslike resin
Sample : Rhinestone collage

Clasping, linking… Snap hooks, chain links, loops and other metal findings are patiently, precisely hand-assembled with round- or flat-nosed pliers,. A number of complex assembly techniques have been developed, such as knotting, chain interweaving, and bead threading – from the simplest necklace to the most complex plastron –, involving hundreds of hours of work and as many steps.

Assembly technicians are the hands that materialize the visions of stylists, applying every imaginable costume jewelry crafting technique to bring Desrues pieces their final appearance.

Glue is meticulously applied to rhinestones, and each one is applied by hand. Resin is injected with a needle to imitate glass, slowly spreading through the interstices of metal and instantly enhancing it.