Design and prototyping

It all starts with inspiration. A fabric, a sketch, a color, a shape, an archive… In collaboration with the fashion houses, the Desrues collection directors and stylists call on the workshop’s full range of savoir-faire to create buttons, jewelry and belts. […]


Metallic processes

A savoir-faire essential for producing pieces in resin or metal, the technique of molding consists of bringing a shape to a silicone base in which a material will then be cast. The process enables the piece to be produced in a series. For resin or tin components, the material is shaped by being […]


Polymer processes

Playing on trompe-l’œil effects, combining the precious with the novel: the progress being made in material development makes it possible to explore new creative avenues. At Desrues, resin is finely crafted and processed. Galalith, literally “milk stone,” is machined; polymer material is cut and then […]



There are some hundred standard or novel shades available, and each one can be given a shiny, satin, velour or semi-shiny finish. Desrues possesses considerable electroplating equipment consisting of vats where electrodeposition is used to coat metal pieces. This exquisitely fine process


Complex assembly

Clasping, linking… Snap hooks, chain links, loops and other metal findings are patiently, precisely hand-assembled with round- or flat-nosed pliers,. A number of assembly techniques have been developed, such as knotting, chain interweaving, and bead threading – from the simplest necklace […]


Leather work

Since 2020, Desrues has added leather expertise to its array of in-house techniques to complete its range of savoir-faire. The leather crafting techniques range from fashioning a simple strap to highly complex gathering, slicing, interlacing and stitching operations, bringing any number of effects – […]

Manual manufacture of a glass cabochon

Eco-friendly processes and materials

Adroitly guiding a glass bar as it plays against a flame: crafting glass beads is an age-old savoir-faire of which the earliest traces date back more than 3,000 years. The technique consists of heating a glass bar with a blowtorch, and then rolling the material around a stick to form a bead which is then […]



An innovation office has gradually emerged among the Desrues craftsmen, stylists, engineers and operators. An integral part of the creation and production process, 3D printing and manufacturing make it possible to conceive and craft pieces that require dexterity surpassing the abilities of human […]