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There are some hundred standard or novel shades available, and each one can be given a shiny, satin, velour or semi-shiny finish. Desrues possesses considerable electroplating equipment consisting of vats where electrodeposition is used to coat metal pieces. This exquisitely fine process brings a final colored appearance to the piece – ranging from gold to silver with more rosy, yellow, or dark gray hues – by applying a layer that is just a few microns thick. Today, the process can also be implemented on printed resin pieces.


Aging or patinating a metal, fine-tuning the appearance of a piece that will be worn on a fabric or against the skin: painting is the final outcome of a long series of processes and savoir-faire which bring the final appearance to a button, accessory or piece of jewelry. Brushed on by hand or sprayed using a gun, paint is applied to a wide array of supports to bring additional nuance to the creative process, adding to illusions of colors, materials and historical periods.