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Design and prototyping


It all starts with inspiration. A fabric, a sketch, a color, a shape, an archive… In collaboration with the fashion houses, the Desrues collection directors and stylists call on the workshop’s full range of savoir-faire to create buttons, jewelry and belts.

Hand-made mock-up

Sculpted in a block of metal or wax and assembled, coiled or soldered, a manually fashioned mock-up is the first step in a long series of meticulous processes passed down through the jewelry tradition. Mingling creativity with a diverse array of techniques and dexterous execution using a broad variety of artistic crafting tools, manual work brings a special je ne sais quoi to the pieces created at the workshops.

3D Conception

Digital images of symmetrical, organic or complex shapes and the creation of textures: the integration of 3D technology enables Desrues to push back technical limitations and craft shapes that would be impossible for the human hand to sculpt. The models are designed on a computer and then printed. To mingle the exactingness and precision of artistic craftsmanship with the ultra-modernity of 3D technology, the manual model-making centers work in close collaboration with the digital designers.