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People define the essence of our know-how


She sits facing hundreds of metal fragments. In her hand she holds a hand-crafted chain, threaded beads, an assembled cuff. She links, glues, applies rhinestones. “I like the way no two days are identical: each day we use such different and complementary techniques. Until the piece finally takes shape before our eyes.” After earning a certificate of professional aptitude in cooking, she joined the House with a temporary contract as an assembly operator in the jewelry department. “I learned everything from the more experienced workers. They showed me, and I copied them. Assembling a chain, knotting, resin work, braiding… Today, I know how to do every operation.” Threading, assembling clips onto earrings, gluing leather, shaping single loops… “You learn something every day, and when you are conscientious you can learn very quickly. I love going from one technique to another, discovering people’s savoir-faire. We are proud of the pieces that we work on, such as the minaudière on which I am applying black pigment with a syringe at this very moment: we are proud to see such objects come to life and to know that clients will wear them. I enjoy working on complex products: I find the challenge exhilarating. Producing such quality with meticulousness and discipline… I wouldn’t trade my profession for the world.”