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People define the essence of our know-how


With a scientific profile and a materials engineering degree, Agathe began being oriented towards the luxury industry with her first professional experiences. “I graduated from engineering school and could have gone into the aeronautics, medical, or automotive industries… Or lifestyle and luxury. Concretely, my training has taught me knowledge of various materials in a technical context. I began with a work placement at the SNCF, where I worked on standardizing railroad surveys; and then I turned to the luxury world. I worked at the workshops, in contact with the products, and I appreciated seeing the savoir-faire and quality of French crafting. Then I spent two years in Italy, which is a true advantage for finding work in this sector. Three years ago, I joined a development branch of Desrues. My role is to intervene on the collection while it is in industrialization. We guide the stylists and technicians to ensure that the pieces are identically reproducible, in very large quantities and for optimal quality. Technically, it is extremely instructive, since it gets to the core of the process. Costs, quality, turnover times: I participate in selecting techniques and materials. For example, for a given piece, would it be more judicious to perform tin casting or lost wax casting? What result will be the most refined, the most robust, and the most easily replicable? Each piece of jewelry requires a great number of techniques, and must meet very precise specifications. Our work is to take a global vision of all our imperatives, interfacing with crafting skills and knowledge of an endless number of materials: fabric, polyester, PMMA, metal, resin and glass. It is truly satisfying to see the pieces presented as part of a collection and to hold them in our hands. It is an even greater satisfaction to see such beautiful, precise results once they have been produced in a large series. Each collection theme becomes our baby in a way.”