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People define the essence of our know-how


Like many of her coworkers, Fanny worked in a field very far removed from costume jewelry and the luxury sphere before she landed a position with Desrues. “I have a degree in quality management and engineering. For many years, I worked in the automobile industry; but when I joined Desrues, I was surprised to see the extent of the specifications and quality requirements for each button, each piece of jewelry. In my mind, the only expectation that people might have for such a product would be its beauty. But no: it must comply in terms of size and proportions, and be tested a number of times at the laboratory. Submitting it to the conditions of a tropical atmosphere, thermal shocks, drop tests, dry cleaning, UV rays… We must ensure that each button and each piece of jewelry stands up to the passage of time and every possible situation. Those are tests that I have never encountered in the automobile industry, and that I find fascinating.” Discipline, demonstration, the establishment of indicators: “I was also surprised to see the speed of product development here. In the automotive field, a car might go through testing for a year before being brought to the market. Time frames are very different here, though, and it is very motivating to work on several collections a year. The clients for the houses that we supply have different expectations than clients in the automobile industry. It is up to us to understand and anticipate the demands specific to the luxury world, and to remain agile.”