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People define the essence of our know-how


Nestled into protective earmuffs and goggles, Cédric moves from one vat to another. “There was no way to predict that I would go into electroplating one day. I started out studying law at college, and then became a volunteer fireman. I joined Desrues as a temp worker. An experienced employee taught me the basics of being a electroplater, a profession that can be learned through the coursework for a senior technologist’s certificate in materials processing. Personally, I learned about chemistry, material reactions and immersion times on the job here. I also took professional training courses. We are fortunate to work with equipment that is at the cutting edge in terms of safety; and we enjoy the best possible tools for the execution of our tasks. We handle dangerous substances such as acids and cyanide, but our workspace is clean and safe. It might be factory work, but this is the luxury industry.”