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People define the essence of our know-how


After a career in product design and applied innovation research, Anne-Sophie joined Desrues as a 3D model-maker before becoming an innovation manager. In 2009, she created the Innovation LAB, a space for brainstorming and discussion that actively involves every talent at the company. “Through our monitoring work and our proximity with our various departments, we bring forth projects based on innovation and collective intelligence. The House can count on truly ingenious people in each area, in each workshop. They are the talents who are closest to the realities of their daily work, and who know the challenges, demands and difficulties of their professions – and what can be improved – better than anyone else. When I first arrived, for example, 3D technology was still in its infancy. It didn’t take long for us to streamline the exchanges between the manual and digital model-makers to establish a true synergy among them and to take the creative process one step further. In an open approach to innovation, we also take an interest in the developments underway in other sectors of industry, and we share our experiences with companies in fields that are very far removed from ours.”