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People define the essence of our know-how


His workbench appears to be frozen in time. Pliers, a tiny hand saw, a mallet… As a jewelry model maker, Nuno cuts, shapes and adjusts metal to fashion each piece. “I came into this profession somewhat by chance. I immediately appreciated the meticulous work, the contact with metal, and the precision that it requires. I receive a brief from the stylists, and it is up to me to interpret the look and appearance of the piece while taking into account the limits of our manufacturing and assembly possibilities. Our workshops use age-old jewelry techniques which can be taken even further today in conjunction with digital technology. The high-tech processes at Desrues make it possible to improve our approach and to bring an extremely sought-after allure to our creations. For example, we might start with a very structured, graphic piece that will then be hand-patinated to bring it a more authentic style. We are continually progressing and learning. I consider Desrues to be an excellent school: a place where, within a few months, you can learn techniques that require several years to assimilate elsewhere. The fast pace of the work obliges us to be attentive and to adapt quickly, but it especially shows us that nothing is impossible nor infeasible. Our challenge is to give it a try: that is our trademark.”