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Leather work

vintage Chanel piece in metal and braided leather
Leather work on a belt
Leather braiding on metal chain
Leather gathering work on an stretch belt
Sample : metal on leather patch
Cupchain hand-sown on leather
Chain, pearls and leather braiding work
Leather chain and beads braiding work
Leather coated metal links

Since 2020, Desrues has added leather expertise to its array of in-house techniques to complete its range of savoir-faire. The leather crafting techniques range from fashioning a simple strap to highly complex gathering, slicing, interlacing and stitching operations, bringing any number of effects – sometimes quite elaborate – to this raw material. The savoir-faire of braiding and shaping leather has made it possible to extend the Desrues range of jewelry and buttons to include bandanas, scrunchies, cuff bracelets and belts.