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People define the essence of our know-how


Her fingers assemble, thread, attach, braid and dismantle with breathtaking agility: Sara is a jewelry assembler. Stylists provide her with creative concepts, and it is up to her to conceive, fashion and showcase the idea. “I first came here as a temp worker, and I was trained on the job by my more experienced coworkers. Threading beads, knotting necklaces, shaping spiral loops, resin work… After a while, I was able to perform these techniques on my own. I love the creative aspect of this work and the liberty that it allows, and I love handling what will become a finished piece of jewelry. It is impressive to see the workshop come to life for each collection, watching our teams produce quality against deadlines. This is a profession that requires a great deal of patience and meticulousness. Sometimes minute pieces can require hours of work. What a thrill to see them on the runway! After five years with the workshop, I have yet to be confronted with certain techniques; I am constantly learning.” Sara works particularly often with leather, braiding strips and patiently slipping them through metal links. “Each one must be threaded through with a great deal of patience. You have to ensure its regularity and a certain tension in the leather band. It is a very basic technique, but it requires utmost concentration. I also trim leather, which consists of thinning it out with a scalpel in order to slim down the edges to be glued for a more attractive result. Leather is a material that I love to work with. It allows for so many stylistic effects, it is very elegant, and it is very pleasant to handle.”