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People define the essence of our know-how


With a degree in leather engineering, Caroline began her career with leather goods and accessory companies before joining the Desrues Accessories Business Unit a few months ago. “Metal is a new product for me. As for leather, it is a living material, and each skin has its individual imperfections and irregularities. We must adapt to the particular qualities of each material that enters the production line for our buttons, jewelry and fashion accessories. I am in charge of developing products, prices, ranges and nomenclatures. What is distinctive about Desrues is that everything is done under one roof, from conception to production. In fact, I believe that that is the strength and exceptional nature of this House, which possesses a full chain of savoir-faire and controls all the manufacturing steps. From the stylists’ inspiration to the production of the finished product, I work with the technicians to find the easiest way to manufacture the product at the best price, ensuring that each piece is industrial and reproducible. It is wonderful to see a piece through from one end to the other, bringing it to life.”