Moulding and casting metals, glass enamelling, machining wood, remodelling resins, polishing, soldering, lacquering, varnishing, gilding, silver plating, working with lead glass and threading pearls: Desrues is home to a wide range of specialisations.

On either side of a long corridor punctuated by numerous doors, the company puts it skills to work. Each door opens onto a workshop, where meticulous hands work with copper, pewter, silver, mother-of-pearl, jet, wood, galalith, glass and even resin to produce outstanding buttons and pieces of jewellery.

Everything begins with a mock-up. From this prototype, which embodies the designer’s ideas, a metal or silicon mould is made; molten metal is cast, centrifuged, removed from the mould and deburred. It is then polished, using a buffer, ready to be gilded, silver plated or given its patina and varnished. For “organic” materials (animal horn, mother-of-pearl, etc.), templates are created using computer-aided drawing techniques and are then programmed into the automated laser cutting machines. The thousands of buttons created in this way then pass through quality control, the final manual operation in this fascinating creative process.

The nature of jewellery, however, requires that a certain hand-crafted element be retained. The heated glass rods which position beads are guided by hand, the links in chains and belts are assembled and crimped by hand, and the setting of pearls and cabochons is also a manual task.

In order to meet the needs of its clients, Desrues has successfully and subtly combined high-tech resources with the skills of its craftsmen.



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